Luxury Hand Crafted Pens From Exotic Wood - The Bocote Chapter

Selasa, 29 Januari 2013
This article is the first in a series of exotic wood used in the crafting of custom made pens and pencils. Specifically, we focus on Bocote and reveal its background, uses, and characteristics. Bocote is a beautiful wood that is an excellent choice for pen crafters and users of luxury writing instruments.
Bocote, Cordia alliodora, is a tropical tree that grows to be over 100 feet. The name Bocote is Spanish for the species of Cordia that grows in Central America. As with many tropical trees, the Cordia species is threatened in its natural habitat but managed tree farms support the demand for this wood.
Bocote varies in its color and grain pattern, but typically has colors of cream to red-brown mixed with darker highlights. The grain pattern is rich in character and can change dramatically, even within the same tree. The random grain patterns are usually displayed in tight waves which allow for frequent contrasts in smaller turned pieces, such as custom crafted pens and pencils.
This wood is a top choice among craftsmen of all types. Some uses include guitars, furniture, boat decks, cabinet making, and all types of wood turnings. My experience has revealed that lathe turning is smooth and crisp with sharp tools applied in the cutting process. It accepts sanding and heat activated polish exceptionally well. As with most wood bodies I craft, Bocote will change color over time with use from the oils of your fingers.
I recommend giving serious consideration to selecting Bocote for your next creative masterpiece. Whether you are the craftsman or the ultimate user of a wood creation, the beauty and character of this wood will reward your choice. Take a look at a Bocote photograph to see for yourself.

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